Boyd's Farm

The Beginning of the Boyd's Farm Story

In 2015 I left active duty (Air Force) to start Boyd’s Farm and provide natural, organic, non-toxic bath and body products. I began obsessing over what my family was putting on their skin and knew we had to make a change. We began to transition to an organic lifestyle and dreamed of the farm we planned to develop after retirement. After intense, thoughtful discussions, we made the jump to pursue our dreams now, not 30 years from now.  

A Primer on Our Products

Boyd’s Farm represents our values and the foundational philosophy of our lifestyle. We want to take care of one other and our community in a sustainable, non-toxic way. To do this, we have meticulously sourced our materials. We use only organic base oils and recyclable packaging. We do not use preservatives, toxic chemicals, or synthetic fragrance oils.

Our products are simple, subtle, and natural. This means that you won’t get a fragrance bomb out of your soap and your soap won’t last for a year. It also means that you can feel better about what you put on your skin and the products you provide to your family or friends. 

Our essential oils are blended and rigorously tested to specifically provide you both skincare and aromatherapy benefits. Our fragrances are 100% natural, so take the time to feel their innate benefits. Our base oils are mixed in combinations that moisturize and cleanse, so your skin feels soft and healthy from head to toe. Boyd’s Farm facial mists and beard oils are the perfect way to take care of your face throughout the day. They moisturize without leaving you oily, helping you stay refreshed.


"No one can ever truly know your intentions. Only you can know that."

William (Boyd) Allred


Who is Boyd?

We named this company after my “adopted godfather” William (Boyd) Allred. He was an inspirational figure to me. He taught me about work-ethic without ever knowing that’s what he was doing. I watched him work tirelessly for decades. In his 70’s Boyd could still be found laying brick and cussing about 20-somethings wanting to take breaks.

He and my father built houses together and one day dad told him, “Boyd, you keep putting all my tools in your truck. I can never find what I’m looking for!” Boyd decided he had a quick solution to that problem. From then on, he carried a permanent marker everywhere and put a name on everything. There was no hammer, trashcan, or ladder that didn’t have “Boyd’s” or “Rick’s” written on it in large black letters. Needless to say, my dad never mentioned the issue again. 

In honor of this, and everything Boyd meant to me, we put his name on every product we make.

Boyd was also a military Veteran. He served in the U.S. Navy (along with three other brothers) from 1943-48. He fought in World War II and served in both the European and Pacific theaters. (For a full bio on Boyd, click here.)

I am a proud U.S. Air Force Veteran and member of the Reserves. We will be holding campaigns to donate proceeds to organizations supporting Veterans and those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in honor of my late grandfather, John David (U.S. Marine Corps).


Thank you for your support of the Boyd’s Farm mission. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.